Thursday, March 29, 2012

Puncak Alam,

After 5 months, I finally get the chance to update this blog. Sigh, being an Asasi student is challenging yet fun. Alhamdulillah I managed to survive for nearly a year and everything went well. I still can recall the very first moment I stepped into the world of University's life. Its different compared to schools life. In school, we were fully taken care 24/7 by the wardens and teachers, in boarding school specifically. But not in university where we have to take care of ourselves and the learning environment is different. You guys will know it once you enter the next chapter of your life. As for me, m grateful to have end my Asasis life successfully, insyAllah. To be frank, I love Puncak Alams environment where I get to breath in fresh air every morning with fogs in the atmosphere. Almost every morning and even at night. Can you guys imagine how refreshing is that? I had the chance to meet awesome people there, and they were my housemates, classmates, tutors, lecturers, and most importantly my bestfriends Azma, Meera and Ami. In short Ill let the pictures speak,

 The last picture with Meera in Puncak Alam,

Fogs in the morning,

The very last twilight in Puncak Alam,

Awesome Bio tutor, miss Harliana. The one right next to me,

On our way to class and it was 8 in the morning.

In the lecture hall and thats my favourite cheese tart,

Only both of us did the dissection of the white rat, in Bio lab.

Pout is our expertness and this was during the Bowlings final tournament.

Ami, Azma and there goes Hani,

It was 7.30 pm and as far as I remember, only 5 of us left at the faculty area,

Slept at Amis, and I was on my way back to my house when I took this picture. I miss this, 

After the winners were announced, 

Words cant describe how I miss you guys so much. Hope we'll meet one day insyAllah. Goodluck in your future undertakings. Pray for me as Ill pray for all of you. Loves,

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