Saturday, March 31, 2012

Azmalihah Muhd Zain,

31st March 2012. Its Azmaleys birthday people! Made a phone call just to wish her, sorry lambat sikit, still top 3 kan? Anyways, just to let you know that you are not alone and if you need someone to lean on, Ill be here for you *cehjiwangkaratwhocares* Hahahaha! Hadiah tuntut nanti okay. Prepared dah. I know m awesome and yeah you know you love me (:

Pretty macam selalu, jealous.

Happy Birthday my awesome petite friend *bighuggg*! Enjoy your very last teenage and may Allah bless you. Secrets remain secrets okay. Love you (:


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Puncak Alam,

After 5 months, I finally get the chance to update this blog. Sigh, being an Asasi student is challenging yet fun. Alhamdulillah I managed to survive for nearly a year and everything went well. I still can recall the very first moment I stepped into the world of University's life. Its different compared to schools life. In school, we were fully taken care 24/7 by the wardens and teachers, in boarding school specifically. But not in university where we have to take care of ourselves and the learning environment is different. You guys will know it once you enter the next chapter of your life. As for me, m grateful to have end my Asasis life successfully, insyAllah. To be frank, I love Puncak Alams environment where I get to breath in fresh air every morning with fogs in the atmosphere. Almost every morning and even at night. Can you guys imagine how refreshing is that? I had the chance to meet awesome people there, and they were my housemates, classmates, tutors, lecturers, and most importantly my bestfriends Azma, Meera and Ami. In short Ill let the pictures speak,

 The last picture with Meera in Puncak Alam,

Fogs in the morning,

The very last twilight in Puncak Alam,

Awesome Bio tutor, miss Harliana. The one right next to me,

On our way to class and it was 8 in the morning.

In the lecture hall and thats my favourite cheese tart,

Only both of us did the dissection of the white rat, in Bio lab.

Pout is our expertness and this was during the Bowlings final tournament.

Ami, Azma and there goes Hani,

It was 7.30 pm and as far as I remember, only 5 of us left at the faculty area,

Slept at Amis, and I was on my way back to my house when I took this picture. I miss this, 

After the winners were announced, 

Words cant describe how I miss you guys so much. Hope we'll meet one day insyAllah. Goodluck in your future undertakings. Pray for me as Ill pray for all of you. Loves,

Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The survey,

I get this from my two Puncak Alam friends blogs, 

Name :
Hani Amirah Nor Azman.

Sister(s) :

Brother(s) :

Shoe size :

Height :
If Im not mistaken, mine is 159cm. But that was like few months back.

Where do you live :

Have you ever been on a plane :

Swam in the ocean :

Fallen asleep at school :
Trillion times. Especially when it comes to SBPians. I was once, so for us its a must.

Broken someone's heart :
Er, Im not so sure about this. In what way is it?

Fell off your chair :
Alhamdulillah I havent. I just randomly put it on a sentence. Macam, 'Ami gempak gila Bio! Jatuh kerusi punya tahap!' or 'Seriouslyyy? *jatuh kerusi' 

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call :
Nope. I would prefer chatting or texting when it comes to friends. But for my closest friends or family, I would prefer calls.

Saved e-mails :

What is your room like :
Depends on my mood. Sometimes its messy, sometimes neat and tidy. I dont like people to clean up my room for me. So, I will clean it up myself. They might put my things somewhere else and misplaced them. And I totally hate this.

What's right beside you :
Another laptop on my left and a plasma TV on my right.

What is the last thing you ate :

Ever had ...
Chicken pox:
Once, when I was in standard 4 if Im not mistaken.

Sore throat :
Few months back.

Stitches :
Woh, I had trice! First, when I was 9. A mirror fell onto my head and it was a big long mirror. Can you imagine the mirror broke into pieces. My mom was sleeping and I had to wake her up with blood on my face, screaming and crying. Second, when I was 14. Had a dental surgery and it was my first surgery. The latest, when I was 15. For few days, Id stomachache and its worst compared to a period pain. Seriously! So I guess there was something wrong, I mean its not a normal stomachache. When I laid on the bed, I felt something as in theres a big lump in my stomach, very painful. Only Allah knows. I cant urinate normally. So my parents brought me to a clinic nearby. After scanning, the doctor said that MAYBE I had a cyst and he referred me to the Pantai Medical Centre Hospital. There, I had to do the city scanning and it was confirmed that it was an ovarian cyst. So I had to undergo an operation since the cyst is growing bigger. It was my second surgery so far but thank God it wasnt an open surgery. I had to stay for a week at the hospital, cant move, cant walk and cant laugh! Two weeks at home. At first, I was worried about my studies since I just had few months left before my PMR. But then alhamdulillah I managed to catch up my studies and passed my PMR with flying colours! Hehe.

Broken nose :
So far, no.

Do you ...
Believe in love at first sight :

Who was/were ...
The last person you danced with :
Seri Puteris dance group.

Last made you smile :
My brothers convocation.

You last yelled at :
My little cousin, Syaffi. He kept on saying rude words to the eldest, 'bodoh, bangang, babi etc' Cmon hes 7 man. Ya Allah!

Today did you ...
Talk to someone you like :

Get sick :
Alhamdulillah, nope.

Miss someone :
My dear Second Family! But its okay since were going to meet up on this 12th.

Did you ever ...
Kiss anyone :
My little sister, Elisya Amirah.

Who do you really hate :
Liars, sweet talkers, hypocrites.

Do you like your hand-writing :
Sometimes yes, sometimes not.

Are your toe nails painted :

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in :

What color shirt are you wearing now :

Are you a friendly person :
I am, but I may not be good in starting a conversation.

Do you have any pets :
No but I would love to have one.

Do you sleep with the TV on :
How can I sleep with those noisy sounds? No way man!

What are you doing right now :
Typing, breathing? Watching E!

Can you handle the truth :
InsyAllah if its the best for other people.

Are you closer to your mother or father :
Both. But to be frank, Im much more closer to my mom cause only women can understand each other and gossips. Haha,

Do you eat healthy :
A yes when Im in Puncak Alam. A no during the holidays.

Are you loud or quiet most of the time :
Depends on who am I with.

Are you confident :
Sometimes, depends on the situation.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So far holidays boleh la tahan but to be frank, I would prefer to stay at my aunts. Dekat sana I can go cycling every evening, gossips or play wii, eat a lot and create some new recipes with my cousins! And since my petite friend, Azmalihah asked me to update my blog so here it goes, haha.

So I woke up at 7.30! Like wow. Actually bukan terbangun ke apa. Someone called me cause she had  problems and she couldnt think of anything or anyone to talk to so she called me. Maybe because she was like scrolling the contact list and my name was at the top so she just pressed the call button, haha. I planned to tidur balik, but then after cerita tu cerita ni tiba-tiba I didnt feel like sleeping balik pulak. So we talked for 2 hours plus minus. As soon as we ended the call, Weena rushed to me and told that nenek asked us to go buy sayur, foods, drinks etc since semua dah habis kat rumah. Makcu and Pakcu were away for  haji so me and my brother kena teman nenek jaga cousins. Okay back to the sayur part, and I was like what? Sayur? Sayur pun tak kenal macam mana nak beli? Hahaha! I was just depending on Weena since she was like, 'haaa tahu tahu. Yang panjang panjang tu kan?' Weena is a cousin of mine anyways. So nak tak nak kena jugak la beli. I had to use a bicycle instead of driving a car. First, even Ive got my driving license, I never had a chance to drive a car. Lame I know. Ada je kereta kalau nak pergi kedai tu, tapi taknak take risk since Weena pun ikut. Second, mini market tu sekangkang kera je jalan kaki pun boleh, haha. So yeah bicycle it is.

Sampai sampai je ... CLOSED. Yes, this was the best part. Closed man closed. I just can buy foods and drinks je dekat kedai sebelah. !@#$%^&;*( We didnt buy sayur. So, no sayur for today! Frustrated! Balik balik je, told nenek it was closed then I asked her, 'Mak (used to call her mak, since I was 3) kedai tutup! Hani pinjam duit dulu beli chocolate dengan icecream. Nanti Hani ganti balik. Mak sayur dot dot dot yang mana eh?' Then she was like, 'La ye ke? Hm, takpe la. Tak payah la ganti duit tu. Macam mana nak tunjuk sayurnya takda' And yes another reason why I love to stay here. Extra pocket money! Haha. Tak kenal sayur? Yes teruk I know but at least I knew it already, haaaa! Then I had nothing to do so I just went online then baca buku sampai tertidur. Lifeless. Now its 5.47 pm and its raining heavily. Planned to go cycling but then since hujan lebat gila and Ive got nothing to do so I took some pictures of hujan,

From top of the house.

See the hujan? Lebat gilaaaaa!

Okay tak nampak sangat hujan. Tapi ada la kan? Okay have to mandi. Loves,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Its The Final Countdown.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Allah for giving me the strength, good health and a high confidence level to go through the final weeks. So basically, I had my last paper today for this semester which is Physics. Or should I say, the killer subject? Nak cakap susah, soalan sangat straightforward which I think its more complicated to be solved. *Alasan* But then I tried to compare with other people, they all got the same answer. SUSAH! Sigh, all I can do now is doa and tawakkal, insyAllah. Overall papers are quite okay la I guess. Oh, and one of our classmates, Nik Nur Farhanis nak quit asasi, and go for diploma. Its hard to explain why but then I guess thats the best for her. Mana-mana boleh berjaya. Goodbye Nik, were gonna miss you. Back to the topic, now Im already home people! Seriously it took 3 hours for me to unpack things, selongkar almari, buang baju, sapu bilik etc. 3 hours man, non-stop! Patah pinggang, patah tengkuk semua patah. Anyways, its 3 in the morning and Im still not asleep. So what Im going to do now is, do plans for tomorrow! Okay pagi ayah dah pesan, 'Hani makesure you sidai all your baju after bibik siap basuh. I want you to do it. No excuses. Promise?' Yes, first thing to do on the first day of holidays. Tapi best juga, dari terbongkang atas katil sampai tengah hari, haha. Then, tengahari? Cant think of anything now. I guess thats all for today. Enjoy your night people. Loves,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moves like Jagger,

Yayyyyy! I have a new bag! Thanks to Miss Afiza Hanum, a senior of mine who is currently studying in Warsaw, Poland for medic, for the bag and a cute little photoframe. Tunggu setahun baru dapat pas, haha. Anws, I do like em loadsss. Thanks Kak Hanum! Loves,