Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So far holidays boleh la tahan but to be frank, I would prefer to stay at my aunts. Dekat sana I can go cycling every evening, gossips or play wii, eat a lot and create some new recipes with my cousins! And since my petite friend, Azmalihah asked me to update my blog so here it goes, haha.

So I woke up at 7.30! Like wow. Actually bukan terbangun ke apa. Someone called me cause she had  problems and she couldnt think of anything or anyone to talk to so she called me. Maybe because she was like scrolling the contact list and my name was at the top so she just pressed the call button, haha. I planned to tidur balik, but then after cerita tu cerita ni tiba-tiba I didnt feel like sleeping balik pulak. So we talked for 2 hours plus minus. As soon as we ended the call, Weena rushed to me and told that nenek asked us to go buy sayur, foods, drinks etc since semua dah habis kat rumah. Makcu and Pakcu were away for  haji so me and my brother kena teman nenek jaga cousins. Okay back to the sayur part, and I was like what? Sayur? Sayur pun tak kenal macam mana nak beli? Hahaha! I was just depending on Weena since she was like, 'haaa tahu tahu. Yang panjang panjang tu kan?' Weena is a cousin of mine anyways. So nak tak nak kena jugak la beli. I had to use a bicycle instead of driving a car. First, even Ive got my driving license, I never had a chance to drive a car. Lame I know. Ada je kereta kalau nak pergi kedai tu, tapi taknak take risk since Weena pun ikut. Second, mini market tu sekangkang kera je jalan kaki pun boleh, haha. So yeah bicycle it is.

Sampai sampai je ... CLOSED. Yes, this was the best part. Closed man closed. I just can buy foods and drinks je dekat kedai sebelah. !@#$%^&;*( We didnt buy sayur. So, no sayur for today! Frustrated! Balik balik je, told nenek it was closed then I asked her, 'Mak (used to call her mak, since I was 3) kedai tutup! Hani pinjam duit dulu beli chocolate dengan icecream. Nanti Hani ganti balik. Mak sayur dot dot dot yang mana eh?' Then she was like, 'La ye ke? Hm, takpe la. Tak payah la ganti duit tu. Macam mana nak tunjuk sayurnya takda' And yes another reason why I love to stay here. Extra pocket money! Haha. Tak kenal sayur? Yes teruk I know but at least I knew it already, haaaa! Then I had nothing to do so I just went online then baca buku sampai tertidur. Lifeless. Now its 5.47 pm and its raining heavily. Planned to go cycling but then since hujan lebat gila and Ive got nothing to do so I took some pictures of hujan,

From top of the house.

See the hujan? Lebat gilaaaaa!

Okay tak nampak sangat hujan. Tapi ada la kan? Okay have to mandi. Loves,

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