Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Its The Final Countdown.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Allah for giving me the strength, good health and a high confidence level to go through the final weeks. So basically, I had my last paper today for this semester which is Physics. Or should I say, the killer subject? Nak cakap susah, soalan sangat straightforward which I think its more complicated to be solved. *Alasan* But then I tried to compare with other people, they all got the same answer. SUSAH! Sigh, all I can do now is doa and tawakkal, insyAllah. Overall papers are quite okay la I guess. Oh, and one of our classmates, Nik Nur Farhanis nak quit asasi, and go for diploma. Its hard to explain why but then I guess thats the best for her. Mana-mana boleh berjaya. Goodbye Nik, were gonna miss you. Back to the topic, now Im already home people! Seriously it took 3 hours for me to unpack things, selongkar almari, buang baju, sapu bilik etc. 3 hours man, non-stop! Patah pinggang, patah tengkuk semua patah. Anyways, its 3 in the morning and Im still not asleep. So what Im going to do now is, do plans for tomorrow! Okay pagi ayah dah pesan, 'Hani makesure you sidai all your baju after bibik siap basuh. I want you to do it. No excuses. Promise?' Yes, first thing to do on the first day of holidays. Tapi best juga, dari terbongkang atas katil sampai tengah hari, haha. Then, tengahari? Cant think of anything now. I guess thats all for today. Enjoy your night people. Loves,

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