Monday, August 15, 2011

Cant think of the title,

So, actually the reason why I wanted to delete those posts is because, I just wanted to. Takde la, its just that I found them to be such immature posts to be posted, so delete la. Actually it has been for ages since I wanted to access this blog, I mean since last year, but everytime I tried to log in, I kept on typing the wrong password. So, I gave up and macam hm lantak lah orang nak baca ke apa. I dont mind at all. Until la this one day, which is TODAY, the beloved exschoolmate, Faez Rahaman tweeted me. And suddenly I was like, ya Allah apesal la dia yang bacaaaa? Ada juga orang nak baca blog tok kadok tuuu? So, nak taknak, I have to access the blog by today and delete all the posts. No matter what! So yeah, I keep on trying and trying and trying and trying, all the password yang I still can remember then pufffff, TIBA TIBA boleh pulaaaaaa. Cool tak cool? Hehehehe,

Faez Rahaman, if you ever read this blog again, I am so sorry bout the post weve been talking about eh? Takda niat nak kutuk pun. You should be proud okay I mentioned youuuu in my blog, haha. Loves.