Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Role of a student,

Its 1.53 am and m still wide awake doing Maths tutorials. Jotter for Chemistry, done. Physics tutorial, done. Oh God, how can I finish all of em within a night? How impressive! Trust me, being a student is not easy. Especially for those who are taking asasi or any other foundation or so called pre-university's student. You have to be very committed in your studies and keep the momentum up especially when it comes to the end of a semester. Ive sat for the test1 examination a month ago and the results came out to be different from what Ive expected. I thought Ive done my best throughout the exam's week but I didnt. From there, Ive learned on how to manage time properly and how to study effectively. The most important lesson is, do not try to be a procastinator. Even once! Or else, youll regret. Do trust me.

Actually I want to share with you about my 'procrastinating' story but I dont have much time to tell. I have a Maths quiz tomorrow plus my class starts at 8.30 am. How miserable I am right now :( But nevermind, will edit this post again soon. Tomorrow never die kan? Haha, nights people. Loves,

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